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Get rid of joint pain and
get your active life back

Flexin500 is a perfect solution for aching joints – it relieves
the pain and regenerates damaged joints. With Flexin500
you will be fit again.

  • unique formula based on natural ingredients
  • available over the counter – it can be used by anyone
  • relieves pain and eliminates its causes
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When was the last time when you were enjoying some physical activities?

You wake up in the morning and even getting up from the bed is a real struggle. You suffer from acute knee pain. From the very morning your
mood is down and this is just a beginning.

At work you spend most of the time at your desk which is an additional strain on your joints. When you get up or bend down, you suffer from nagging pain.

After work you would like to go jogging but joint pain makes it impossible. Would you like to go out to play football with your children? Well, even when you play as a goalkeeper it involves some risk of sport injury.

You know all this very well, right? Fortunately, Flexin500 will allow you to forget about the pain and enjoy doing sports with your friends and family.

Take care of your joints regardless of the pain source

Specialists distinguish two types of causes of pain: mechanical and inflammatory.

Mechanical type of pain is the result of overloading the joint area: the articular capsule or cartilage. It can happen after heavy physical work, gym workout or running. The pain appears during movements for example getting up from a chair.

If joint pain happens in the morning but disappears after some time, the cause is inflammation. In case of elderly people it is usually caused by a degenerative joint disease.

Regardless of the type of joint pain you suffer from Flexin500 will eliminate its cause and you will get your active life back.

Healthy joint cartilage

Damaged joint cartilage

The above image shows wearing off of joint cartilage, synovial fluid and articular capsule. This process causes the joint pain.

"With Flexin500 I can do everything I love!"

Read our customer's story. Martin Greeley wanted to share his story of how he got rid of joint pain and is back in shape.

Martin Greeley, 34

After the age of 30 I noticed that I became less active. I started suffering from joint pain which was getting worse and worse. First, I suffered only from knee ache but after a few years the pain spread to my backbone and wrists.

Getting up from the bed in the morning became harder and harder. Playing football with the guys wasn't fun anymore. After every game the pain was unbearable so I had to quit my hobby.

A few months ago a friend of mine recommended me Flexin500. I was quite sceptical at first, because I don't believe in magic pills. But only after a week of treatment I started to notice first changes for the better.

After a month of using Flexin500 I went jogging for the first time in 2 years! Now I'm taking Flexin500 every day and the pain is gone – getting up is not an issue right now and I'm as active as ever. With Flexin500 I can do sports without any limits!

Flexin500 fights not only pain but also its causes

From day 1 Flexin500 starts to regenerate and rebuild cartilage which is a key factor for joint shock absorption. The product eliminates pain and inflammation and prevents joints from future damage.

STEP 1: Pain elimination

In the first phase of the treatment Flexin500 eliminates pain and joint inflammation – you can get your active life back.

The number of packs needed: 1

STEP 2: Repair and regeneration

Then Flexin500 rebuilds joint cartilage to ensure joints have the right shock absorption.

The number of packs needed: 3

STEP 3: Preventing damage

Flexin500 protects joints and prevents them from damage. With Flexin500 joints stay healthy and flexible for years.

The number of packs needed: 6+

Forget about the pain once and for all

Tell us what you expect from Flexin500!

Get rid of joint pain regardless of its cause

We are aware of various causes of joint aches. Therefore we have created a high quality dietary supplement which helps you regardless of the origin of the pain.

  • Sedentary life - do you spend most of your day sitting? Take care of your joints from the inside.

  • Age - if you are 45 or over, you should be taking supplementation supporting your joints.

  • Sport injuries - if you have suffered a sport injury and experience post-injury pain, eliminating it should be your priority.

  • Sport - if you live active life or you are a sportsman, there is a lot of strain on your joints. You should include appropriate supplementation in your diet to help regenerate them.

You need to take Flexin500 only 3 times a day

Take 1 capsule of Flexin500 three times a day with water. Full treatment lasts about 2 months and will allow you to fully regenerate your joints.

After that time it is recommended to use Flexin500 to maintain good joints condition.

You will notice joint pain reduction after only a few days.

The unique formula guarantees healthy joints

Flexin500 is based on a breakthrough formula FluidJoint Complex which not only cures the symptoms but also regenerates joint cartilage, protects joints from tear and wear and improves mobility. With this formula Flexin500 works fast and delivers results.

Be as active as in the past with natural ingredients

Dr Daniel Reinhard
rheumatologist with 28 years of experience

Flexin500 is recommended
by renowned rheumatologists

During the 28 years of my career I have seen every possible cause of joint pain and I know how hard it is to create supplementation which is effective not only in case of mechanical injuries, joint deterioration caused by age or strain acquired during sport activities. However, Flexin500 creators have managed to do that.

Flexin500 results are guaranteed thanks to unique Fluid Joint Complex formula, which not only eliminates pain but, also, fights its cause. Additionally, the supplement is entirely safe because it is based on natural ingredients only.

I personally recommend Flexin500 to my patients. After 2 months of treatment they come back and thank me for saving their joints. But they should thank Flexin500 – it's the product that solved their problem.

Effective and safe solution for healthy joints

Flexin500 is an effective and safe way to regenerate joints. If you do not notice the expected results, we will refund you the money
within 90 days from purchase.

Read stories of people who got rid of joint pain with Flexin500

If you do not feel the difference, we will give you money back

90-day unconditionalmoney back guarantee

Full satisfaction – pain elimination and healthy joints
in a few weeks or your money back.

We are sure of the results Flexin500 guarantees. Therefore we have decided to introduce 90-day unconditional guarantee so you can try Flexin500 with no risk. If you do not notice any results (pain relief, more fit & flexible joints) within a few weeks, you can return any unopened pack of Flexin500 and we will give you money back. No questions asked. No small print.

Frequently asked questions

Click on the question to read the answer.

1. What is Flexin500?

Flexin500 is a supplement which eliminates joint pain and inflammation. It also helps to regenerate joint cartilage. It is a completely natural product based on FluidJoint Complex formula. The advanced formula not only eliminates the symptoms, but, also, prevents cartilage from future damage and protects your joints.

2. Where can I buy Flexin500?

Flexin500 is a clinically tested supplement formulated by scientists. Its availability on the market is adjusted accordingly. Flexin500 is not available in drugstores, pharmacies or supplement shops. Having our customers in mind we supervise every aspect of production to ensure the highest quality and honest product distribution. If you buy the product on this site, you can be entirely sure that you are buying the original product.

3. Can anyone take Flexin500?

Yes. Flexin500 is a completely natural and safe product. It does not cause any side effects. As with other supplementation you may consult the treatment with your doctor.

4. Do I need a prescription?

No. Flexin500 is a natural supplement and its use is entirely safe. The product is an over-the-counter supplement and you can buy it on this website.

5. What are Flexin500 ingredients?

The main ingredient is FluidJoint Complex formula. It contains glucosamine sulfate and Boswellia Serrata. Glucosamine accelerates cartilage regeneration and prevents joints from future injuries.

6. How to use Flexin500?

You should take 1 capsule of Flexin500 three times a day, during a meal.

7. How long my treatment should be?

After a few days you will feel less joint pain. However, to enjoy the full results it is recommended to have a month long treatment. You can also use Flexin500 as a preventive measure to ensure healthy joints and to maintain the results.

8. Are the results permanent?

The results achieved during Flexin500 treatment are permanent. The pain does not come back because Flexin500 thoroughly regenerates joints.

9. How many capsules are in one bottle?

One bottle of Flexin500 contains 90 capsules and is enough for a month treatment.

10. Will anybody know that I use Flexin500?

Our customers' privacy is one of our top priorities. Ordered products are packed in discreet, gray packaging and delivered directly by courier to the address you have provided.

11. How long will I be waiting for the parcel?

Order processing time is up to 2 working days. The product will be packed in a discreet box and delivered by the courier. Customers opting for a foreign order are required to pay in advance. The cost of delivery for foreign orders is always £12 – regardless of the country you've chosen.

12. Can I order delivery to other country?

Certainly. We are aware of the global trends and our customers' demands. We ship orders to any country in the world. In this case delivery time may vary. The cost of delivery for foreign orders is always £12. Customers opting for foreign delivery are required to pay in advance.